OryCon36 has ended
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OryCon runs on the blood, sweat, and tears of volunteers. Visit our website (orycon.org) to get a full list of our Convenion Committee and email addresses to reach our different convention departments.

OryCon 36 ConCom Roster

Chair  -  Devlin Perez

Vice Chair  -  Jenn Contreras-Perez
Vice Chair  -  Shyrl Hester

Secretary  -  Diana Cerasin

Artifacts  -  Devlin Perez, Jenn Contreras-Perez

Art Show  -  Brigid Nelson

          Art Show Second - Stacy Spangler 

Bar - Robert Morse

Child Care  -  Ilia Whitney

Costume Contest - Davis Beeman

Costume Hall Awards  -  Judith Bunteman

Dances (DJ)  -  Brent Whitney

Dealers Room  -  Tom Roberts

Fan Tables  -  Mana Conrad     

Fan Lounge  -  Sarah Gulde 

Gaming  -  David Schaber

GoH Liaison (Author)  -  Carole Cole

GoH Liaison (Artist)  -  Brigid Nelson

GoH Liaison (Cosplay)  -  Davis Beeman

GoH Liaison (Editor)  -  Alexis Smith

GoH Liaison (Musical)  -  Daniel R. Reitman
Gophers  -  Courtney Whitney
Hospitality  -  Korina Walters, Samantha Herndon

Hotel  -  Lea Rush

     Hotel Assistants  -  Lillie Wells, Patty Wells

     Party Master  -  Davis Beeman
Info Desk  -  Monica Olsen

Office  -  Tony Davis, Cassandra Wendel

Opening Ceremonies  -  Debra Stansbury    

                         Second - Pat Steed
Operations  -  Shyrl Hester

Logistics  -  Shyrl Hester

Security  -  Craig Anderson

Volunteers - Diana Cerasin

ORCS  -  Curtis Chen

Photography  -  Mana Conrad

Programming  -  Ann Ezell, Rick Lindsley

Green Room  -  Keri Turner

Children's Programming  -  Shauna McKain-Storey

Creation Station  -  Ellen Klowden

Event Tech  -  Joel Spector 

Music/Filk - Andrew Ross, Daniel Reitman, Linnea Thompson

Small Tech  -  Ann Ezell, Jaki Hunt, Rick Lindsley

Programming Staff  -  Kathryn Brant, Carole Cole, Mark Ezell, Kamila Miller, Andrew Nesbit

Public Relations -  Tracy Penner, Alexis Smith, Michelle Jolly

           Ad Sales  - Linnea Thompson

Social Media  -  MeiLin Miranda, J. J. Ark

Publications  -  Meredith Cook

Daily Zine  -  Scott Sanford

Pocket Program  -  Meredith Cook

Souvenir Book  -  Meredith Cook

Online Pubs Assistant - Cymry Reardon

Registration  -  David Turner

       Registration Second - Riley Crowder 

Ribbons  -  Ilia Whitney

Signage  -  Anna Holiday
Treasure Hunt  -  Scott Sanford

Treasurer  -  Jacob Engstrom

Treasurer Second  -  Jeff Polier

Treasury Staff  -  Sarah Gulde

Video  -  Alan Olsen

Webmaster/Website  -  Lisa Godare

     Webmaster Assistant  -  Meilin Miranda
Writers Workshop  -  Dale Ivan Smith