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Music & New Song Contest

A grand welcome to our Music GoHs, Vixy and Tony! They've been favorites in Seattle for years, and we're happy to have them on the big stage this year. The Doubleclicks are back! Catch their Sunday morning concert. Welcome to our new performers, C.D. Woodbury from Seattle and Riona Aibhann from Portland. PDX Broadsides are back after their popular OryCon debut. Former Friends of Filk GoH Jeff Hitchin is returning for the first time in several years. Old favorites playing include Frank Hayes, Cecilia Eng, and Dave Rogers.

The filk world lost a legend this year. Come to the Joe Bethancourt Memorial Filk panel on Saturday to remember the man from the overland stage.
We'll be announcing the theme for this year's new song contest on Friday at the con. Test your songwriting skills for a chance to win a gift certificate from Friends of Filk. Two hours prior to presentation, lyrics must be submitted for review to Daniel Reitman (dreitman@spiritone.com) or Andrew Ross (admnaismith@hotmail.com) in person or via email. A detailed explanation of the rules can be found on the web (www.orycon.org) and on the electronic schedule.

If you want to get on the stage yourself, come join the Band Scramble. Put your name in the frying pan at the Info Desk before 1:00 Saturday. Find out who you'll be playing with, then come back Sunday afternoon and sing your heart out. And, of course, we'll be holding the late night song circles as long as people can stay awake - or at least until the hotel chases us out of the room.

Official Rules of the OryCon New Song Contest

1.         A theme will be announced 48 hours before presentations.  All entries must reflect the theme.

2          Entries must be composed at the con.  Music may be original or borrowed.

3.         No entry may be publicly performed or performed for any judge prior to presentation.

4.         All contestants must submit lyrics to Daniel Reitman or Andrew Ross in person or at dreitman@spiritone.com or admnaismith@hotmail.com two hours before presentation.  If music is borrowed, the intended tune must be indicated.  Lyrics will be given to the judges for review prior to presentation.

5.         All entries must be performed by the contestant or their designee at presentation.

6.         Judges will be announced in the pocket program.

7.         Entries will be judged according to the following criteria:

            (a)        Lyrics:

                        (i)         Thematic content

                        (ii)        Evocative, allusive, humorous or other effect

                        (ii)i       Technical quality

            (b)        Music

                        (i)         If original, overall musical quality

                        (ii)        If borrowed,, correspondence of lyrics to music

8.         Judges may weight criteria as they see fit.  The decision of the judges is final.