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OSFCI Code of Conduct

Oregon Science Fiction Conventions, Inc. does not tolerate discrimination or harassment of any kind, including but not limited to physical assault, battery, deliberate intimidation, stalking or unwelcome physical contact. This policy applies to your interactions with fellow con-goers, program participants, hotel employees, and guests of the hotel. Be respectful of and courteous towards others. If you have graduated from kindergarten, we expect you to understand that you need to ask before you touch and that “no” means “no”. If someone tells you “no” or “go away”, your business with them is done. Note that falsely reporting harassing behavior is, itself, a harassing behavior under this code of conduct.If you feel you have been harassed, please find the nearest OryCon volunteer, identifiable by a burgundy badge ribbon with gold lettering. Alternately, please contact the Information Desk in the lobby, the Office staff in the Weidler room during operating hours, or the Operations staff at any time in the Portland room on the second floor. Violation of this policy may result in action by the con committee ranging from warnings to having your membership revoked with no refund, and the decision of the event chair is final. Action by the convention in no way precludes the injured individual or the hotel from pursuing whatever remedies, civil or criminal, they see fit.After the event, OSFCI may take further action, including banning the offender from further events.Please note that other behaviors, including but not limited to destruction of hotel property, can also result in the actions described above.A copy of the procedures for enforcement of this code are available on the OSFCI web site at osfci.org/code.html.